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Interview with Teddy Moore
Author of The Fixer


The following video is a short interview with the author of “The Fixer - Why the US Judiciary is so Corrupt”, Teddy Moore. He’s not the most exciting guy to listen to, but his message is fascinating. Get the book here and read it.

In the “Land of the Free”, most people believe that judges are honorable people. Unfortunately, we’re ruled by laws that are controlled by those who hold power over us. Furthermore, the judicial system that we place so much faith in isn’t set up to protect our rights. It’s controlled by people who have turned the system into a racket that benefits the judges and lawyers, not the People.

This article is simply an introduction to the idea that things aren’t as they seem. Our objective is to get you to take part in the investigation of U.S. Law and how it affects all of us. We hope you’ll take our thoughts and continue seeking out your own knowledge. When you live in a country afflicted with a corruption of justice, you need to educate yourself before you end up someday in a courtroom at the mercy of these thieves


Today in America, the United States police state has been built by the elite with the intent to dominate on a Global scale.

However, make no mistake, this “police state” mentality is at work in your own town or city.

The corruption of justice begins at street level. If you ever find yourself in any kind of dispute that leads you to a possible court appearance, be prepared first for phone calls from your “friendly” neighborhood police officer.

Most likely you’ll receive a phone call very early in the morning, around 6 AM or so. These people are trained in psychology. They know you’ll be disoriented at this time. The “friendly” officer says he’s simply “following up” for his report and just wants to clarify the events that led to police involvement.

If you get uncomfortable from the questions and ask if you should talk to an attorney first, be prepared for comments such as, “Why, are you guilty of something?”

Be aware that this officer is trying to get you to say something that makes the case against you stronger.


After the police officer gets enough to turn in a recommendation for charges to be filed against you, you go see a lawyer, right? And you pay that person a lot of money. You go to court and watch as your attorney and the opposite attorney haggle over your fate. They make “deals” and present them to the judge.

Usually, if it’s something other than murder or other high felony charges, you end up paying more money to the court. Go to your local civil court someday and just sit in and watch. As you watch case after case, you begin to get the idea of what this is all about Money.