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Site Overview and Purpose

by Roland and David Hinkson

This web site details the events of a citizen who was never convicted of so much as a traffic ticket ultimately being falsely accused of soliciting the murder of federal officials, all because he got on the wrong side of the Federal Government. As William L. Anderson points out in his article entitled “Federal Criminal Law: Expediency Over Principle”, whether or not Scrushy (Hinkson in this case of failure to file tax returns) is guilty, and almost everyone who falls into the federal criminal system is found guilty, takes a back seat to the larger issue of how "justice" is administered in the federal system.

What we see here is that the federal system has become a legal system that exists of the prosecutors, by the prosecutors, and for the prosecutors. When Rudy Giuliani, then the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, remarked that the Crime Control Act of 1984 tilted the playing field in favor of prosecutors, he was not exaggerating. A legal system that at its founding was set up as a mechanism to ensure rights of the accused has become a system of guilty pleas and show trials, and is more akin to what Stalin enjoyed in the U.S.S.R. than what George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and the great William Blackstone helped create more than 200 years ago.

A grave injustice has been done in the case of U.S. v. David R. Hinkson. If you believe in prayer, pray for David and for the leaders and decision-makers of this country that laws and policies might be changed to offer protection to the innocent. If you believe in our system of representation, call, write and/or e mail your senator(s)/representative(s) and contact the media.