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Judicial Corruption Is Worldwide

by Yuxing Zhengr
May 24th 2007

Widespread bribery of judges around the world and inappropriate political interference in legal systems are denying millions their right to a fair and impartial trial, a leading global anti-corruption group said Thursday.

Transparency International asked nearly 60,000 people in 62 countries last summer what they thought about their country's judicial systems.

In more than 25 countries, at least one in 10 households reported paying a bribe to get access to the court system. Of the roughly 8,300 people who said they were recently in personal contact with their judicial systems, more than one in 10 had paid a bribe.

At the top of the list, more than 80 percent of those contacted in Paraguay, Peru, Cameroon, Macedonia and Bolivia perceived their legal systems to be corrupt.

At the other end, residents of Denmark, Singapore, Sweden, Finland and Norway least often reported their judicial systems as corrupt.

Most judicial corruption comes in the form of judges who are bribed to settle a case out of court or to rule in favor of a particular party. Court clerks also are bribed to direct cases to favorable judges.

In other instances, such as in Peru under former President Alberto Fujimori, leaders have forced out judges and replaced them with cronies.

"They used the judiciary to pursue their opponents," said Jose Ugaz, a Peruvian lawyer and former prosecutor in the Fujimori case. "They used the judiciary for extortion."

Fujimori fled Peru in 2000 after his 10-year rule crumbled amid corruption scandals. He now is in Chile, fighting extradition to his homeland on corruption and human rights charges.

The report singled out as especially corrupt judicial systems in Africa and Latin America, where one in five residents contacted in the study reported they had paid a bribe to the court system.

In Algeria, judges considered too independent are transferred to remote jurisdictions, the report said. In Kenya, as part of an anti-corruption campaign many perceived as political, judges were pressured to resign without being accused of anything.

The report recommends strengthening judicial independence by making the process of judicial appointments merit-based and open to the public for scrutiny. It also calls for better training and salaries for judges to reduce their susceptibility to accepting bribes.

"Change is possible," said Hugette Labelle, chairwoman of Transparency International. "What you need is pressure by the people to clean up corruption when it exists. You need to press for systems to appoint judges that will be transparent that will allow for the best people to be appointed."

David Kissi, US Crime VictimRe: A U.S. Sanctioned Robbery By the Courts See U.S. v. Kissi, Case #AW05-cr-0254

Amazingly there was no incidence of corruption in U.S. Courts mentioned in this worldwide survey. And there is no better illustration of that than when one reviews what recently happened to me and my spouse in Baltimore, MD.

In sum, creditor Pramco of New York’s debt collector, Emil Hirsch, with the help of his pal Federal Judge Peter J. Messitte of Greenbelt, MD and Judge E. Stephen Derby of Baltimore, MD summarily stole about $3 million worth of our assets to satisfy a $855,000 fraudulent judgment Pramco’s debt collector had filed against us. This occurred in Judge Messitte’s courtroom after Emil Hirsch, Pramco’s debt collector, failed to collect about $300,000 against our business bankruptcy estate for he couldn’t prove Pramco’s claims. Then to satisfy the judgment, these crooked judges deployed the FBI to seize our personal and business records with false affidavits and I was thrown into jail for 5 months for allegedly threatening Judges Messitte and Derby because I said I would sue them. At trial my former attorney, Fred W. Bennett sold me to his government friends, U.S. Attorneys Jonathan Biran and Barbara S. Sale. I was then convicted for those allegations and because I had stated that my wife should be counted as a creditor with a $1.2 million claim because of all the money she had poured into our business for 18 years. Ironically, no American newspaper or TV station that got wind of this theft ever bothered to report it. Washington Post Chairman Donald E. Graham, The Baltimore Sun Public Editor Paul Moore and New York Times Publisher Arthur Schulzberger all imposed a blackout on this government sanctioned robbery. In sum, America should look in the mirror before it criticizes others on human and civil rights.

So please, you and the rest of the American public that still believes in the rule of law should help me stay out of jail by broadcasting my predicament and voicing your opinion to sentencing Judge Joseph R. Goodwin who has sentenced me to 30 months in jail and 3 years probation for pointing out the fraud and a possible conflict of interest crime by U.S. Trustee Katherine Levin and Judge Peter J. Messitte. Judge Goodwin’s contact information is U.S. District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia, Robert C. Byrd Courthouse, PO Box 2546, Charleston, WV 25329, Tel: 304-347-3192, Fax: 304-347-3193. Time is of essence since I am ordered to report to the Moshannon Valley Correctional Institution in Philipsburg, PA on 10/10/07. You may verify this information with my new attorney Aaron G. Durden at 937-461-9400 and his email is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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