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Congressional Con? Due Process Diligence

By Taffy Rice
September 19th 2007

Atlanta, Georgia:

More than 1500 documents were provided March 26th, 2007, directly to Congressman John Conyers, head of the Judiciary Committee. The evidence of more than 1500 documents provided to the head of the Judiciary Committee, laid witness to undeniable and replete lawlessness throughout our nation. The March Meeting with Conyers, Sr. Counsel Ted Kalo, Attorney Stacey Dansky, and other staff members, was scheduled and attended by 'Due Process Defenders,' from across our country.

Upon presentment of physical verification of ongoing criminal behavior, Congressman Conyers requested a summary of due process violations, stating he did not have the staff to assimilate the key issues, perpetrated by court members or government officials in opposition to any semblance of law. Sr. Staff Member Kalo, was to initiate the investigation. While copies were also provided Senator Patrick Leahy, to date no effort or response has been provided by the Senate Judiciary as well.

The requested summary was completed and hand delivered on May 15th, 2007, to the House and Senate Judiciary Heads. Congressman Conyer's Office refused to sign for the document, but staff members in the Judiciary Offices accepted the requested document and signed in verification. Senator Leahy's Office accepted the documents, while openly shaking hands with the Senator himself, despite staff nervousness.

However in follow-ups made, Staff Attorney Stacey Dansky stated her inability to find the summary or accompanying documents, which were emailed, faxed, and sent certified mail overnight. While Dansky finally acknowledged receipt, she stated hearings previously requested and outlined would not occur prior to the September break. Conyers initial indication that Gonzales 'was gone,' along with request for a summary became incongruous in the face of inactivity and denials of receipt.

Following the September Break, 'Due Process Defenders' were informed, Mr. Kalo had seemingly attempted NO investigation thus far, and was no longer available. Instead Mr. Burt Wides, was identified as the latest contact point in lieu of Kalo for any follow-up or investigation. Despite multiple calls to Mr. Wides by various people for a 2 week period, no return call has been received by any party.

One staffer even conveyed shock and dismay regarding the prevalent amount of corruption, misconduct, and criminal behavior. However, sources stated openly and freely their sense that the 110th Congress will NOT address wrongdoing throughout our nation by those populating our judiciary and/or law enforcement.

When will the American People be afforded their guaranteed due process so willfully, blatantly, and repeatedly violated? The 110th Congress needs NO subpoena to verify the illegal acts in the name of corporate members, acting in opposition to the 'law of the land.'

Does the 110th Congress intend to con the 'Due Process Defenders,' along with the American Public? You are witnessing the internal destruction of a nation affecting every child, mother, father, and individual. And with the foreclosure rate, the 2nd highest in the country here in Atlanta, lawyers, judges, and related real estate interests, are sealing the fate of a nation, albeit illegally, but without conscience or action by those with a mandate to uphold our God given and Constitutional rights!

It's NOT about the DOJ or subpoenas; it's about RIGHT vs. WRONG! Wake up America and DEMAND JUSTICE!