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The David Hinkson Story

by David Hinkson
March 1st 2006

The US has 700 people per 100,00 in prison and ranks # 1 for incarcerations in the world. England is #2 with 150 people in prison per 100,00, and Canada is #3 with 125 people incarcerated per 100,00. Are the American people the most criminal people in the world, or does the Judiciary Branch of our government create this situation?

In the United States, the average time given at sentencing is one of the highest in the world. Many sentences equate to a sentence of death via time meted out. I believe this to be cruel and unusual punishment. This concept tells us that the dammed are never believed to be worthy; to be given a chance to go back into society, and that there punishment is forever. In fact The U.S. Congress cancelled Federal Parole in 1988. The U.S. prison system has now created a massive penal industry in the U.S. that feeds upon endless expansion.

Granted, there are bad people who no-doubt deserve long sentences, “with the U.S. Media going to work on garnering support for such by brainwashing the general public into thinking that more restrictive laws, prisons and longer sentences will act as a panacea for all that’s wrong in today’s America.”

In contrast to this, if someone is a victim of judicial misconduct, the media, for the most part, stands mute. This year people have expressed their concern about Judges creating law from behind the gavel. Our Government was founded on a very important concept called “Checks and Balances”, but judges can and do make law from the bench, thus undermining that system of “Checks and Balances”. American courts are now political creatures no longer bound or tied to protecting our freedoms and liberties — Constitutional rights have become subjugated to Judicial Tyranny.

The supreme Court removed the very checks and balances that once kept judges restrained, when the high court ruled that judges, and prosecutors, now have absolute immunity. Even if they rule wrong on purpose, they are not held accountable to any regulatory force. So the supreme Court does not regulate or punish misconduct in its own lower courts. Further, if you don’t like the courts decision you can appeal it all the way to the supreme Court, but only 2 in 100 cases is ever reviewed or ruled on by the high court. In fact their criteria is to not regulate or make sure that lower courts are honoring the law as interpreted by the higher one. They are in fact focused on just two issues;

1.did we already hear this issue, if so they can reject hearing it a second time, or we need to re-hear an old issue that might need clarification based upon a change of opinion or a new political agenda.

Now if the U.S. supreme court reverses the wrongful-activity of the lower courts conduct, the lower court is not bound to honor the new decision, and can continue to violate the upper court with total impunity in future cases. So the Lower courts can pretty much do whatever they desire. The creation of this political situation has now made sure that only those who can afford justice get as much justice as they can afford.

I have seen Federal Judges ignore supreme Court rulings that tie their hands, opting instead to use old lower court rulings to justify their on-going-agenda of property expropriation, having become experts at this game. I have also witnessed the judge retype or misquote the law that is presented in the jury instructions to the jury, with the jury making its decision based on a law that congress had never seen. The supreme Court has ruled that based upon 6th amendment hearsay, that alone is all that is needed to get a prosecution.

With an army of paid informants, generously compensated in exchange for their scripted testimony, no real evidence that is corroborated is needed, whereby the basis for an entire trial can be staked to mere accusations of conspiracy and orchestrated perjury. This makes investigations very easy because federal agents no longer have to deal with truth, facts or hard evidence, further allowing them to custom tailor trial testimony. The US supreme Court ruled that if prosecutors use, condone, or orchestrate perjury, they are no longer accountable, thus immune. So with this army of paid lying informants, along with a whole host of conspiring prosecutors, many people can be cast into prison for political reasons or other nefarious agendas, with the law, as we now know it, reduced to a popularity contest.

Federal agents can also arrange a variety of phony civil lawsuits against you, while you sit helplessly in jail, based upon the accusations of bribed, and paid for lackey informants.

Judges, and their agent prosecutors, now target people they want to rob, thus when the targeted individual fails to answer the civil suit, he or she loses everything by default. The judiciary of today is far more interested and concerned with criminal prosecutions than justice, as a receiving party of the spoils, they focus their attacks against people who have choice real estate, investments, or are just disliked — like the prosecution of Wetland crimes, where the targeted person has choice beachfront property.

There is no real reporting by the media of these civil lawsuits when filed, along with criminal prosecution. In the US people have the attitude that you must be guilty or you would not be on trial. This concept is called “Government Correctness.” One such technique used by the Judiciary, in their arsenal of orchestrated attacks against the target, is when agents and/or prosecutors release false news reports with no real investigation, all of it based on hearsay from a paid liar. This is how the judiciary controls public opinion before a trial. So, step one consist of demonizing the targeted person by name-calling — whereby the agents get immunity, and protection from the judge and prosecutor, which they then intern offer too other people having had, or are currently having some association with the target, in exchange for their proscribed testimony. The entire three-ring circus can be summed up as, “The Government approved, condoned and proffered method of perjury.” So Law, as we know it is truly a popularity contest. Do you think the right way; do you deserve to keep your life and the things you have achieved? So anyone and everyone is now a potential target.

Successful people in the US now realize what is going on and are daily leaving this country. I read a report that showed that over 100,00 millionaires a year are leaving the U.S.

How do I know the things that are in this article? Because I’m describing what was done to me, and everything stated here is 100% provable, with hard transcripts, and evidence, unlike most cases my father and friends came forward with to help in my defense.

I was 48 years old when attacked and I never had a criminal record, not even a Parking Ticket. I have always believed in our country, and its Constitution; but now I was accused of 180 felonies, all of which based on hearsay and provable lies, denied a defense, attacked and then robbed.

Please permit me to now give, you the reader, just a few facts that are 100% provable.

There first attack was not criminal it was civil.

I had an employee named Annette Hasalone, who sued me for $600,00 after I fired her. Normally it would be difficult to prove the feds were behind it, but she was using three different aliases because there were outstanding Warrants for her arrest in California. “But then, suddenly, seemingly by magic, all of her Warrants evaporated”. She then appeared in front of a Federal Grand Jury and committed orchestrated perjury against me (when she sued me civilly it was also on hearsay trial). During this 1st Grand Jury that was held in Coeur d’Alene Idaho, she testified that I had already murdered a man named “Bell”, who is still alive to this day, and that I had murdered people with my products (never had a complaint).

Subsequently other witnesses told the same Grand Jury that I had hired-men (with no evidence), that I was the head of two militias (I’ve never been to a meeting and I know no-body who is), that I was buying and selling machine guns (I’ve never owned or fired an automatic weapon), thought I was GOD, lived in a compound, and that I enslaved people. The last witness, named Joe Swisher, who owned Northwest Testing Laboratory, hired to test my products and Labels for compliance, testified that my company had always paid him promptly, that my products had helped relieve some of his arthritis pain, and that he was now able to walk a little without his wheelchair. He described his arthritis as “Killer” and stated that his spinal spurs had all but incapacitated him, and that the Doctors were amazed he was able to walk. (Mr. Swisher was the only witness who gave testimony concerning my products and Labels). He further testified he was the owner of Northwest Laboratories and that I was a very honorable man.

So now, this same Grand Jury 100% believed Mr. Swisher concerning the quality of my products, and that the labels were perfect as he had done the testing. After 18 months the Grand Jury was officially disbanded, having voted not to indict me. (They disbanded on March 1st 2002).

On June 1st I left for Russia (see my passport) and was overseas from June 1st 2002 through Nov 3rd 2002.

Mr. Swisher’s medical records show that on or about June 18th, Mr. Swisher passed out into a coma, induced by his high Blood pressure, (over 180). My office manager told me about his condition when I called from overseas, as she was concerned about finding a new testing Laboratory to do the testing.

Then on July 17th 2002 the feds claimed that this same Grand Jury that had disbanded and signed a-no-bill, was not extended, and that they had traveled all the way too Boise Idaho, a seven-hour drive from Coeur d’Alene. Coincidentally there is no record of this Grand Jury ever having met or re-assembled in Boise, and the feds have admitted officially that there are no Grand Jury minutes for this Grand Jury date, on July 17, 2002. In fact there are no travel records, no receipts for hotels for these Jurors and no further testimony was given by Mr. Swisher or others to have convinced a Grand Jury to have changed its mind and indict me. I know for a fact there was no indictment; it was all based on fraud.

On July 7, 2002 the prosecutor filed away this same supposed false indictment, keeping it sealed for four months. “ I believe it was kept sealed because I was overseas.” In fact my travel records, including my passport, show I was gone from June 1st through Nov 3rd 2002. On September 1st Mr. Swisher had open-heart surgery and barely survived. He now was on kidney dialyses, had a pace maker, was incontinent, had arthritis, was using a urine catheter, admits to the catheter and surgery, and to the 2004 Grand Jury. He is a very sick man and is in a wheelchair. At this particular time, Mr. Swisher came home from the hospital and met with FBI agent William Long, with agent Long helping Mr. Swisher apply for and be awarded VA benefits, consisting of both medical and disability income.

Mr. Swisher created and used a new DD214 (Military Discharge Paper) that either he, agent Long, or both of them, had helped to modify through forgery by changing the date and facts on the face of it. The new DD214 showed he was a Korean War Vet (he was only 15 years old during this war), that he had been injured in Battle, was entitled to disability (the real DD214 showed he had signed saying he had no injuries), and that he had combat awards, including a Purple Heart. (All of the awards typed onto this new DD214 were dated 1967, which was 100% fraud). So, based upon this newly created forged-faked document, Mr. Swisher was granted the medical benefits, and disability income award.

When next appearing in federal court, he presented this fake documentation, committed perjury, and had now officially become, a paid-government-confidential-informant-rat.

On November 21st, 2002 the federal agents raided my home and factory (the Justification for this raid was that the labels did not match Swisher's test). I was arrested and released on the same day on my own recognizance, because I had no past criminal record. This indictment, which we know was forged in Boise by the prosecutor Nancy Cook, now charged me with my products not being labeled properly, not withholding taxes, and money laundering. Just because I had withdrawn over $10,000 out of my bank account in cash to pay for legal expenses, does not necessarily imply a crime attached to these withdrawals. Even the Supreme Court in Calvy v Shultz has stated this was not a crime.

In spite of the accusations about the labels being wrong, if there was a crime, the evidence shows that Swisher had done it. My office manager had not withheld income taxes, which I was being accused of now owing.

I had built my factory using borrowed money and had bookkeeping receipts that showed I never owed taxes. But all of my tax-deductible receipts were stolen during the Raid. (Also in Union Pacific Rail Rd v Brush Aber 1915 the US Supreme Court ruled that the 16th amendment never created an income tax because it never canceled Art. 1 Sec 2 CL4) on November 22nd the day after the raid, Mr. Swisher called me from his wheelchair and said, "I have never picked up products from your factory, your employee (Chris) must have sent my Lab false products for testing" (this employee had disappeared 4 days before the raid) and that he (Joe Swisher), would now be a expert witness to my innocence. I was skeptical, but he told me he would send over an affidavit to prove to me he was my loyal expert witness.

On January 3rd, 2003, I received an affidavit from Mr. Swisher stating “that he owned Northwest Labs, and that he had not gone out to Wateroz or to Dave’s home (they are next to each other), except on July 15 2002." (He had to say he had not come out, because if he had of, picked up the product for testing, it would have proven that he had done false testing). Then on the 4th of January 2005, Mr. Swisher called me at the factory, to tell me that I had to give him 50% of my business or he would now testify against me. “I hung up on him and documented this blackmail by telling all my workers via an interoffice memo.” Afterwards, my secretaries were told to direct any further calls from Joe Swisher too my office manager at the time.

Mr. Swisher then proceeds to send phony bills for testing, in an attempt to justify that we yet owed him money for which he had already been paid.

On March of 2005, my home was robbed, so I filed a Police Report. The robber was Mariana Raff, and was caught because she used my credit card at an ATM machine, which took her picture. Under-Sheriff, Scott Mealer, brought Mrs. Raff into custody, and had her meet with FBI agents. She was told they would let her go home uncharged if she would testify that I had hired her brothers in Mexico to be my hit men in 2001. She never signed any affidavits, gave any testimony, but now they release her?

Under-Sheriff, Scott Mealer, called me, and told me he had new evidence about my home robbery, and asked me to come by the Sheriff’s station in Kooskia Idaho. When I arrived at the Kooskia Sheriff's sub-station, with my tape recorder in my pocket, I was re-arrested for making threats against federal agents. This arrest warrant never had an oath or affirmation attached as required by the US Constitution. With my recorder turned on I demanded to see my attorney twice before FBI agent William Long turned it off. Five days later I was taken in front of a Magistrate and no-one showed up to testify against me except FBI agent William Long. He testified using 3rd party hearsay, quoting Mrs. Raff, stating I had hired Mrs. Raffs brothers in Mexico to be hit men (He never mentioned that she had robbed my home and had been photographed) Then he stated I had confessed as I was being arrested, "which was an outright lie as my taped recording of that moment later proved."

During cross-examination, my Lawyer, Wes Hoyt, asked agent Long, if I had ever asked to see my Lawyer, which he responded and said “No”. But the recording of my arrest plainly proved no confession ever took place, and that I did in fact ask to see my attorney not once, but twice, before agent Long turned off my tape recorder. This tape proved agent Long committed perjury. The FBI, for the next 18 months, made no attempt to investigate this fabricated story by one of their agents.

Anyway, by this time, Mrs. Raff had now become a fulltime confidential informant for the Feds, and apparently felt that that newly acquired and bestowed social status entitled her to a free, get out of jail card, anytime she chose to use it — which she became in need of after breaking into two post offices, stealing postal money orders and US mail, which she obtained credit card, and bank account numbers from, so that she could further pass counterfeit checks, drafts and money orders. Not to be outdone by her one and only self, she then broke into, and robbed two drug stores, taking drugs, and money. However she was caught, and arrested for all of these crimes; which she proceeded to bail herself out of by using a phony check, getting then re-arrested, this time while in jail getting caught with an ounce of Cocaine, whereby U.S. Attorney Wendy Olsen, again arranged for her to be released, and again her charges were dismissed! Are you getting all of this folks?

Upon her next release, in post haste, she then heads for Mexico in a stolen rented Lincoln Navigator, and gets re-arrested again at the border. The feds again got her released, her whereabouts at this particular time I presume no doubt known only by her protectorates, the Feds.

Now into the 15th month of being in Ada County Jail (In Boise Idaho), my Attorney at the time, Bret Groom, and his Paralegal, Richard Bellon, in concert with Joe Swisher, filed a lawsuit against me claiming that Richard Bellon and Joe Swisher were my partners. Mr. Groom, my Lawyer, even signed an agreement of Partnership for me giving themselves 50% of my business. (They never ever had a power of attorney to have signed my name to this supposed contract).

Then using a temporary restraining order, claiming my wife had stolen $300,00 of their money, they physically seized my factory and home, simultaneously throwing my family out of their own house. They then raided my Bank account and stole $20,000, after which I fired Brit Groom (my Attorney at the time), got an extension for the trial, hired a new lawyer (Wes Hoyt), who then promptly filed a counter suit under RICO Statutes (Racketeering) against Richard Bellon and Joes Swisher. At the 1st TRO hearing to get back our property, IRS agent Steven Hines was there and was overheard saying to Richard Bellon “We should not be seen talking together.” The feds were again attacking me.

I am now going to trial based upon a fraudulent indictment, consequently being found guilty — still even with that, the feds were not through with me yet. Now well into my 18th month behind bars, Joe Swisher is brought in front of a new Grand Jury, whereby the transcripts show that he presented his fraudulent DD214 showing that he was a Korean War Vet, had received a Purple Heart, and had combat awards. He also stated that I had investigated his military record and knew that anyone who had a Purple Heart was a killer, inferring that I perceived him as being well suited for the job of killing. He then went on to claim that I had met with him on July 15th of 2002, to hire him as a hit man, claiming that he now did not own Northwest Laboratories and that I had given him (past tense) $500,00, 40 acres in Grangeville ID, 20 acres of land behind my factory, a recreation center in Grangeville, a Road Ranger Grader, that I lived in a trailer, and that He and Richard Bellon had become 50% business partners with me.

What he failed to mention was the fact that he had been in a Coma, had open heart surgery in September, that I do not live in a trailer, that I was gone in July, his Blackmail, two past lawsuits, the label testing he had falsified, and that there is not 20 acres behind the factory (Big canyon only one-acre total). That I was not a personal friend, that he had signed an affidavit stating he had come out only on July 15 2002, that Northwest Laboratories is in an attached garage to his home, that he was only 15 years old during the Korean War, that I did not own 40 acres in Grangeville, I never owned a Road Ranger Grader, or a recreational center in Grangeville, nor have I ever had 500,00, and that he had never fabricated this story or his DD214 for 18 months or filed a police report. That the awards on his DD214 were created by Congress in 1994, that he was demoted and never served in combat and he got paid a million dollar benefit package to tell his perjures story.

I was now brought back into court where the indictment was read, but Mr. Swisher’s name was not on the indictment, just his initials. I did not know for sure who was accusing me until 2 days before the trial. In fact the Judge had ruled to not let me have discovery because I was so dangerous. Now I went to trial again, where Mr. Swisher commenced to repeat all of his lies and now states the reason I wanted to kill this Judge was because he had ruled against me, and had me arrested, and that all of my problems would be solved if he is killed (this Judge had never ruled against me and did not arrest me). Then Mr. Swisher pulls out his phony DD214 from his pocket claiming it was a certified copy (this was the first time we had seen this DD214). At this time my Lawyer Wes Hoyt said “Why were we not given this before today", and the prosecutor on the record said “I did not feel like giving it to you”, in short what we were all bearing witness to at that particular moment, was a trial by perjury, collusion, and ambush.

My lawyer, Wes Hoyt, attempted to cross-examine Mr. Swisher about his age, which he then (Joe Swisher), in the act of changing his story said, “that he was in combat after the Korean War during the Armatage and had been sent to rescue POW”s after the War ended.” At the conclusion of that remark, the judge then disallowed anymore further questions on the issue. My 10 witnesses were ready to testify that I was not in the US when the alleged crimes were stated, but the judge refused to let my witnesses testify. The Jury now came back and believed Swisher , and his fabricated story.

After the trial, my lawyer, Wes Hoyt, received a certified document from the U.S. Navy that proved all of Swisher's testimony was based on fraud. The implications of this document prompted my Attorney, Wes Hoyt , too start calling the Jurors who were seated at my trial, and Swisher's commanding officer who had signed all of Swisher's discharge papers.

The 1st Juror he called signed an affidavit stating if he would have known Swisher had lied he would have voted 'not guilty'. Also he admitted he was a relative of the Judge I was accused of threatening. Then he called the second Juror who got mad and said “I’m the Judges wife’s best girl friend”, she then complained about being contacted, so the current judge ruled that no-one could call anymore Jurors. These two Jurors were both part of Jury tampering, thus the Jury had been fixed.

Then the Marine Corp Captain stated in his affidavit, that the signature on Swisher's DD214 was not his, and that Swisher had no combat training, had never seen action (combat), and that the DD214 was an obvious fraud. So my attorney, Wes Hoyt, filed a motion to dismiss based upon provable fraud and perjury, which the judge immediately sealed so no one could see it.

Then at my sentencing hearing, he sentenced me for both trials, knowing all along that I was innocent of all charges, and gave me a sentence equal to death of 43 years. For taking my own money out of my own bank account, 10 years, making threats when I was not even here, 30 years . . . what a country! Then he ordered me to be sent to a maximum-security prison. Since I have never done a crime and I’m hated this much by my own country, I now feel I am a man without a country.

Currently, the feds are protecting Mr. Swisher, on top of his still getting paid benefits as a result of his performance in the courtroom. His testimony was stupid and not even believable, and it further insulted every serviceman who has defended this country. Now I am being sued again for $800,00 in federal court, and the very Judge they said I wanted to murder is hearing this civil case. This is NAZI Germany; there is no Constitution and no common decency. I am an inventor-workaholic who never much socialized. I was overseas testing my products in clinical studies with AIDS, Malaria and T.B. patients, getting observable results.

The following people are killers, kidnapers, and blackmailers—Judge Richard Hollman, Wendy Olsen US ATT., Nancy Cook US ATT, IRS agent Steven Hines and Judge Lodge.

If you would like to write me and share any thoughts you might have concerning this piece or anything else you might feel of interest, I can receive mail at the below address. Your letters are always welcome and appreciated.


David Hinkson 08795-023
USP Coleman I
P.O. BOX 1033