A Letter to David Hinkson about Lessons I learned from him


Deer David Hinkson,

Calling you a Deer is better than calling you a Sheep, but I will call ewe a sheep anyway, since you believe in a Deity God and a Deity Christ, and in Psalms 23 you must take the Mark of the Beast known as a Sheep, in order to Follow a Shepard, so let me explain this to ewe, the LORD, is my Shepard, that is the Land Lord, because where ever that Shepard is taking ewe, you shall not Want it, since he is taking ewe to be Slaughtered, the Shepard wants ewe to remember the Good Times, God, that is Good, fine ewe say O God, or Good, Witchcraft, or words with Spells that have 3 Meanings, so he leads you through the Shadows in the Valley of Death, better known as the Slaughter House or Prison, same thing, and I do not want to know what this Shepard is going to do with ewe with his Rod, but I shall not want it, he makes a meal out of ewe for my Enemies to feast, and they rub oil on ewe as they roast you like a Stuff Pig, and that is who is in Charge of Sending Souls to Hell, that Last Verse number 6, that means a Life Sentence, so I hope Deer is better than Sheep, but that was your choice, Sheep that believe their Deity God Does not Physically Exist, has no Rights, since they took the Mark of the Beast known as Ewe, they are as smart as a Sheep for taking the Mark of the Beast, better known as Money the Root of All that is Evil, and I know you know Tesla proved we are Light Beings, so our Soul is Electrons, a Flashlight can prove this to any Copper Top, and Money is used for buying and selling Souls by the Kilowatt, the Torah said only Satan does that, so welcome to my Hell, it is called Reality, so I hope you will read and understand this letter I send you from Hell, as if my 10 by 10 foot square prison is bigger than yours, but my wife takes care of me, who takes care of ewe, but the truth is we all miss you, so Rod wanted to give up after PHP 5.6 hosed your site and his, so I started over, no looking back, I am going to Bitch you out till it is my time to go, the End of Time is coming soon, according to NASA in 2033, so you do not have long to wait, but you keep worshipping Satan and your Soul will never make it to Heaven, you will become a Copper Top Battery at some point in time if you live that long, and I will miss you when I get back to Heaven, since I always believed God physically existed as All Light without Darkness inside all my Atoms, the only one on this Planet at this Point in time I might add, in fact I wrote a book 666 pages long explaining to you how to read the book, so after you get done, you can go back and fine I told you God is All Light without Darkness, and that Exists in every Atom in the Universe, but the Last Place Sheep like Ewe would look for God, did you say O God or Good, I am dyslexic you know, and I need to save at least 3 Souls, and I picked you, since you introduced me to your most trusted Friend Rod, who is now my trusted friend, and like you, and you know Bob, and those are the 3 Souls I need to save, by simply understanding what your Soul is, witch is Electricity, just ask Tesla, I did not make this up, he did, joking that goes back before the Torah.


This letter is called Wake up now Letter, and I will not hold back, you are in Prison for Life, for a Crime you did not commit, because thinking something or saying something still falls under the Freedom of Speech, no one argues you did not kill anyone, nor pay anyone to kill anyone so why are you in Prison again, that is simple, you have no idea when to shut your mouth, and they still cannot keep it shut while you are inside their Pig Pen, but Rights only applies to Good Citizens, and they only use Money Printed by Congress, otherwise it is Treason, and I took an Oath to Kill all Guilty of Treason, and they found you guilty and you have no idea why, so let me explain this to ewe, Money get away… I will not sing the whole song to you, but the Torah said it is Evil, and what is Evil, in Witchcraft it is the backward spell for Live, or anything that God does not Give you for Free that you cannot live without, the very definition of Evil is Money.


A Bitch in Prison is someone you have a Cell with, and they Bitch at you all day long, my Dad told me this, he was in Prison, or Jail, have been to Jail for week and lost my Gallbladder all because of a PTSD episode, I did not even know it was against the Law to have a PTSD Attack in your Own Home, but the Pigs here put me in Hand Cuffs and said tell that to the Judge, and he took me and my wife out to jail, I never got a phone call or any way to make one, so I know what Pigs are and they are all going to rot in Hell soon enough, the Military Dogs took and Oath to put Down everyone for Treason, Fracking Pigs, there, my job is done, they never said how to, just get it done, my Military Dog tags say I took an Oath to Kill all of those that are Guilty of Treason, and that includes everyone that used Money not printed by Congress, so this is why you are in Jail, and Pigs are allowed to move you cell to cell 24/7 every 45 minutes, and jail to jail, county to county, and even state to state, all because they get Paid to, and they know you do not have any Rights in this Country, so shut up and listen to the New Boss, called the Militia and its Military, the Last Legal President of the United States of America was Lincoln and the Militia Legally Executed him for Treason, and Congress was dissolved by Law in 1933, so David Hinkson is now my Bitch, I will Bitch as much as I can tell someone gets tired of my Bitching and let Dave Hinkson out, he never killed no one, or even paid anyone to kill anyone, but he is guilty of is using Money, believing his Deity God does not Physically Exist, and his Science is based on Einstein, so he believes we live in an Alternate Universe in an Alternate Reality, so he is legally Insane, and cannot handle this curl and unusual punishment of Life in Prison, all because I did not punch some Under Cover Agent in the Throat, and he followed Dave around asking if he would pay someone to kill someone, and the only one who broke the Law, was the Agent I refused to Put down, knowing he deserved it, but I told David I am out of there before I end up in Prison for Life, and now to get Bitched at about it, too much for anyone to handle really, but Let him out and I will stop, but not till I die otherwise, I want him to understand how stupid he was for Going to Church, Paying Known Gay Pedophiles to Alter Boys, for this he has more than served his time, so now it is on to the Cure and Unusual Punishment of becoming my main focus of “My Bitch”, that is now the David Hinkson Blog.


This site is my attempt to Keep “DavidHinkson.info” “TheLastOutpost.com” Site alive, so let me tell you about a story about when I was stationed in Idaho, in the United States Air Force, I was on the Air Force Honor Guard at the time, working as a Computer Test Station Tech, or Electronic Engineer and Computer Programmer for the (E)F-111, I got a Medal for improving this Aircraft and bringing it online a year in advance where it flew over 98% of all missions, that Medal can be found here Jeffrey Scott Flesher

I want to tell you a story I will never forget, so keep in mind the audience I am talking to, Military, top Government Officials, and our guest of Honor, the Albertson’s, who just toasted to the end of our Constitution, and everyone got it, but a few, so let me explain this.


  1. First. To adopt and use a corporate seal.

    $ That is a U and an S, superimposed on top of each other.

  2. Second. To have succession after February 25, 1927, until dissolved by Act of Congress or until forfeiture of franchise for violation of law.

    This one basically states that the US is a Federal Reserve Franchise, and in 1933 they dissolved Congress, issued Executive Order 6102, allowing them to steal all the Gold in the Country, and forfeited the Country, and filed Bankruptcy, and we are still running under that status, since we cannot make the Bank Payment. We the Sheeple of the United States, bought into this Franchise with our Blood, and would die defending it, and why so many pretend we have a Constitution, cause stupid Sheep do not understand the meaning of Only, as in Only Congress can Print Money, a loophole in the Constitution, and why my Family refused to sign it, and now it is just a relic, it was suspended 100 years before my birth, in the year of 1861, so I was born into Slavery, and had no say so as to who owns me, and Me is just short for Meat, so it is the Flesh, and that is my name, and what Jesus Bar Abbas said he would come back as, once again, to fight for Real Freedom, and not the kind of Freedumb the United States enjoys so much, but it is Free, and Sheep never get enough of Being Dumb. The Officer looked at me like I need to keep my mouth shut, but Kathryn said go on, as Joe squeezed her hand, tell us about the 8 Enumerated Planks of Slavery…

  3. Third. To make contracts.

    All Masonic Orders are Numbered, and the First 3 are always Free to Masons, and that is where the Term Freemasons came from, during the Civil War the Bank made a Contract with the North and the South and funded both, not caring who won because everyone already lost the Country, and the Militia took over the Military from the Start, and put some fake Government agency all privately owned by the way, even the Pig Pens, all the make money to service the National Debt, and we cannot even afford the Interest Payment, because of this Fake Government, so it is time the Military takes control or Nukes it, and balance our budget by cutting out the Fake Government, that pretends they have Amended the Constitution to allow Treason, that is just Stupid, we all know how to play monopoly, the Bank is the only one that Can Win.

  4. Fourth. To sue and be sued, complain, and defend, in any court of law or equity.

    This is the Whole Game, Sue, they own every court and every person working for Money, Game Over.

  5. Fifth. To appoint by its board of directors a president, vice presidents, and such officers and employees as are not otherwise provided for in this chapter, to define their duties, require bonds for them and fix the penalty thereof, and to dismiss at pleasure, such officers or employees. The president shall be the chief executive officer of the Bank and shall be appointed by the Class B and Class C directors of the bank, with the approval of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, for a term of 5 years; and all other executive officers and all employees of the Bank shall be directly responsible to the president. The first vice president of the Bank shall be appointed in the same manner and for the same term as the president, and shall, in the absence or disability of the president or during a vacancy in the office of president, serve as chief executive officer of the bank. Whenever a vacancy shall occur in the office of the president or the first vice president, it shall be filled in the manner provided for original appointments; and the person so appointed shall hold office until the expiration of the term of his predecessor.

    First off, the President of the United States are voted for, proving the U.S. President falls under employees as are not otherwise provided for in this chapter, and that is because the United States is in Default on a loan they took from the Bank, using the Country and all its Citizens as Collateral.

  6. Sixth. To prescribe by its board of directors, bylaws not inconsistent with law, regulating the manner in which its general business may be conducted, and the privileges granted to it by law may be exercised and enjoyed.

    This means the Banks are allowed to have Fun at the Expense of all its Slaves, they own the Courts, and all the Judges and Lawyers, who the Militia in the Military will Execute all of them for Treason just to full-fill their Oath or China will, that is the Deal, since they are now in default to China so they have a Legal Right to come and get what is owed to them, and the Military will Nuke everything just so the cannot take it, so Game Over.

  7. Seventh. To exercise by its board of directors, or duly authorized officers or agents, all powers specifically granted by the provisions of this chapter and such incidental powers as shall be necessary to carry on the business of banking within the limitations prescribed by this chapter.

    That means they have the Power to do anything it takes to keep the Banking going.

  8. Eighth. Upon deposit with the Treasurer of the United States of any bonds of the United States in the manner provided by existing law relating to national banks, to receive from the Secretary of the Treasury circulating notes in blank, registered and countersigned as provided by law, equal in amount to the par value of the bonds so deposited, such notes to be issued under the same conditions and provisions of law as relate to the issue of circulating notes of national banks secured by bonds of the United States bearing the circulating privilege, except that the issue of such notes shall not be limited to the capital stock of such Federal reserve bank.

    We the Sheeple of the United States of America, are now the property of the Bank and will do what they say, John F. Kennedy proved the only way to pay it back, is to have Congress Print the Money and not the Bank that was only keeping U.S. in National Debt, and the Military put him down for Treason against the Federal Reserve, and he was only put into office 6 days after I was born, so we go way back.

Now this is how the Church enslave the Sheep with Religion and Witchcraft:

23 The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

2 He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

3 He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.

4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.


Lessons in Life often cost you or someone you know too much, and why they should be part of History that everyone can learn from, and Dave Hinkson taught me life, for one thing, he is a true friend, he was there when I needed one, being Divorced and Medically Retired at the same time is hard enough, dealing with PTSD is a whole new level of needing friends and having been diagnosed I understand, like Cancer, Anxiety and Depression, you would have them if you had Cancer too, and things I did not understand, like OCD and Dyslexic in the Autistic Spectrum, I would not find out till my birthday in 2000, I was so freaked out I just wanted to be alone, I could not openly talk to anyone about it till, after 2013, that is how long it took me to deal with it, but talking to others about Autistic People made matters worse, most people act like they are retarded when in Reality they are the only ones that ever get an IQ over 160, Einstein was Autistic, as were Johannes Kepler, Sir Isaac Newton, Edmond Halley, Nikola Tesla and the list goes on, anyone Intelligent as it turns out, and they all had much higher IQ scores, so it is only normal for Autistic People to have high IQ scores, so no wonder why Autistic People are the only ones that can do high level math in their mind, but Dave believes in Einstein as much as he does Christ, and only in Writing will I get into Religion, but this is writing, so let me tell you some Lessons in Life Dave Hinkson taught me.


  1. Choose your Friends and never allow them to Choose you.
  2. People are all Go(o)d inside.
  3. People hold on to concepts they were born with.


The Number 1 reason David Hinkson is in prison for life, is that he allows people to choose him as a friend when all they are doing is acting like a parasite, I had a run-in with all of them at some point in time, and finally just had to stay away from Dave because of his Friends, they keep asking me stupid questions like would I burn down someone’s house with them in it for the right price, and there are two types of people that would answer it, and I am a full-blooded Ashkenazi just look at my Pictures and Family line, I am sure I was the first white hair male ever born in the Flesher and Robertson family line up to till that time, after not so much, since I had two Red Heads, Doctors I believe, like their Father, they wanted to get a PhD, mine was finished by the time I was 9 years old, and only one of the reasons they called me an old man till my hair started to turn blond, by 50 White again, go figure Old Man, now I am 60 and only 10 years older and no wiser then I was when I was born, it did not get dark till the Military shaved my head, scraped off my skull is more like it, and the Torah said Ash is White, and that is kind of what I look like, Ke is Grey, that is what Asians look like, so more like my Step-Daughters and Grandchildren then me, and Nazi is Black like Eve, which means Evening or the coming of the Black, but Newton and Darwin explain this much better, White Light from the Sun comes down to Earth, we split it in a Prism, and we see a Rainbow of Colors, but not White nor Black, nor any shade of Grey, and why is clear, on a Cloudy day we see bright clouds, all the way down the scale of Grey till you see Black Clouds, so they are all inputs to the Prism, and when recombined, that White Light does not come out, only the Shades of Grey from White to Black, proving I have all 3 inside of me, do not judge me by my skin, I am White on the outside, as in my Skin without the Cancer growing on it, but inside I am every shade of Grey between Black and White, that is what Ashkenazi means, and nothing more, sure I have the Ear lobes, but that is a Tribal thing, and big butts are another Tribal thing, years of people pulling on my ears, and I like big butts and I cannot deny it, Darwin is right, Evolution, but Dave was not so big on Darwin since Einstein was out to prove that God might not be in every Reality, so Einstein wrote a Theory about how God is not in this Alternate Universe in an Alternate Reality, and Dave thinks he lives there, I could never convince him to wake up, my favorite line is are you waiting for another lifetime to wake up, because no one ever listens to me, Kepler, Newton and Tesla all said we are Light Beings, get it, not Dave, but he goes to Church believing he believes in God, knowing they only Teach God does Not Physically Exist, so is only a Deity God, but Dave never says Deity God, he only says God, but the two are not the same, and only fools are as lazy to as to leave out the Deity God part, since the Torah or condense version called a Bible, all define God as All Light without Darkness, all of them, find one that does not, I could not find one, and listed all the ones I did find, which cover all the Bibles I know, but there are two versions of the Torah, one written at the time Jesus was alive and one after the 4th Century that has Christ inserted into it, and Dave believes in Christ and Einstein who said God Does not Exist, but Dave said he believes in the Deity God, and now Dave makes sense to me, be believes that by believing God exists by Physically Not Existing, is the same thing, or he would not think that we live in an Alternate Universe in an Alternate Reality that does not have God In it, but Dave is just one of the 99.999% of people who believe in God only because they Drop the Word Spelled “Deity”, not God that is All Light without Darkness, but the Deity God that does not Physically Exist, which is the same as believing God does not exist, which is just as insane. One day I was talking to Dave and said you know how to prove God Exists? Dave said Faith, I said I have NVG’s for that, so I do not need Faith, but I do need to see the Light, but as it turns out, normal People can only see the Darkness, yet they call it the Light, so they are all Insane, and Insane only means you believe in something that is not true, it is like calling the South Pole the North Pole, way too confusing for Aspies like me, who take everything literally, so those that believe they are Enlightened, have no clue to as what Light even means, Dave does not know, and only one of the Reasons he is in prison.


Dave’s Friends would ask me the same questions over and over again, so I know they did this to Dave also, one day one of them, I will not mention names, Dave and Rod know who I am talking about, they were all the same anyways, all undercover wired agents from the Alphabet Soup Company, trying to entrap me, and this is the second so called Friend of Dave’s that tried this to me, but this guy is bigger than me, and thinks badder then me, and pushes me to start a fight, I looked at him and pictured my fist punching him in the throat, since I was a child I practice doing such a task and can do it in a tenth of a second, and have, they never knew what hit them, but then I have to watch them gasp for Air, and you cannot cut someone’s throat to save them, till after they stop moving, or you could kill them, which is what they think you are trying to do anyways, so I always wait till after to calm them down before I cut their throat, I just say to them now I lay you down in Green Pastures because ewe are a Sheep, works every time for some reason, and PTSD defense would work since that is why I had this thought, but I did not want to clean up the mess, so I move back to Las Vegas, and it is Lost for a reason, I just barely got moved in and another one was offering me Sex to burn down her old house with them in it, but Dave’s so Called Friends keep asking till one day he said maybe if, but that it was not possible, so his threat was not serious, but still only one of the Reasons he is in prison for Life.


I choose my friends well, and Dave is one, but not his Friends, my Friend’s Friends are never my Friends, nor are my Friends Enemies mine, never or rarely, so rare it has only happened 3 times in my lifetime of 60 years at the time I write this, and my 3 best friends, are like a Triangle, I have Dave who I met Bob and Rod through, and they prove everyone has good inside them, but not all have good intentions, these 3 do this to a fault it blinds them, they want to believe so badly in a God that does not Physically Exist, and want to live in a Universe without God at that same time by believing in Einstein, instead of Kepler, Newton, and Tesla, or what I call Wizards, as does History, so they are the most conflicted Souls I have ever met this lifetime.


I tried to explain the Wizards Ways, we believe in Witchcraft, and why we study it, I still do, still so much more to learn, but Satanic Sheep, that is Ewe that Follow the Bible and go to Church, that teaches God does not Physically Exist, a truly Satanic Belief since the Torah said God is All Light without Darkness, and that exists inside all the Atoms in the Universe, and that is who God is, all the Atoms, not one of them, or only the White Atoms or Black Atoms, as if they exist, and why the Ashkenazi and Muslim want to cut the Heads off the Infidel, which actually does not have anything to do with Religion, Infidel, or infinite dealers, is what it means in Witchcraft, were all words have 3 meanings, but only one is right, God is Absolute, but those that Teach that God is Infinite are Infidels, Christ does not Exist, a Deity God does not Physically Exist, only those that are Insane believe they have any Right to believe what they want, ask Dave why he is in Prison, did he do anything wrong?


I know as much as his Lawyer does, since my Wife was working for him, and he was a good friend to me to, we parted on good terms, even my wife still loves him, but like Dave, I had to get away from him, because I know how fast I can end a life, and his job was to protect a Life I wanted to put their Lights out for good, I mean God, face it, God is inside every Atom in my Body, whose thought was this, is a Question only God knows, Humans have Freewill and Freedumb, and if I do not have a knife to cut their throat, they might stay dead, and I might someday be in the same prison system as David, only mine will be a Military Prison, I know when to leave, when to run, and when to Fight, but only Fights with Friends comes to fist, otherwise it is just one punch and their Lights go out, they get to talk to God Personally while I try to save the Life I just took out of Anger.


Trust me, I feel the same way at times, how can a Nation allow the Belief in a Deity God and worship the Deity Christ, knowing they do not Physically Exist, that means they do not Exist, and why they push for Rights to have Free Thinking, so they can believe anything they want, and I want to Kill everyone the does not believe in God, so the Masons came up with a plan before I was born, which I was supposed to be a Christmas Baby, so let me explain Christ, Kepler wrote the Torah said Christ is a Star, and true Christianity is the Study of that Star, better known as the 3 Kings, in the Belt of Orion, every year 3 days after Winters Solaces, which is the longest or shortest day of the year depending on how you look at it, our days will start to get shorter as we plunge into Winter, due to our tilt, the other side of the Hemisphere is getting their summer, so it goes by a Calendar, being Retired Military, I use the Julian Calendar, but it has been aligned to the new Gregorian, and Isaac Newton wrote that his Birthday was being changed from Christmas to 4 January, and they removed 10 days making it actually the 14th of January, and in 1961 that fell on a Saturday, how lucky for me, since that is my Birthday, and the actual Star date of Christ, changing the Calendar to have Christmas in spring all for Satan, I mean Santa, Dyslexic in the Autistic Spectrum sorry about that, or maybe I just tell it like it is, Money is the Root of All that is Evil, why is Simple, our Souls are just Light, Tesla proved this, if you want to prove it to yourself, go to a hospital and check in first, then ask them to take all the electricity out of you, so you do not even have a Brain or Heart Electrical Waveform in you, now that they have you safely in a padded cell so you cannot hurt yourself, that is your Soul, and you buy and sell Souls with Money, how Evil is that.


Now that I explained to you the basics of what David Hinkson is in Prison for life what can we his Friends do to help David get out of Jail, simple, stop, the only Game being Played here is a Role Playing Game, where the Bank Sues, and only wants to stay in Court, and get paid to Alter Boys and paid to move ewe from cell to cell, jail to jail, county to county, state to state just to make Money off of ewe, they crossed the line with this Military Dog and tried to Kill me for having a PTSD attach in my Own House, so the Military Dogs are now Legally at War with the Pigs, and will Put them Down like the Fracking Pigs they are, will Nuke them All and Let God figure it out, all I know about Pigs, is that the Hate Military Dogs like me, and Now they declared War, bring it on Treasonous Pigs, the Military Dogs took and Oath to put a Bullet in your Fracking Head for Treason and you just gave us a reason to do so.


The Treasonous Pigs taught me and Dave a huge Lesson, do not ever trust them, as long as you have money to go into court, they will take it, that is the only Game they Play, besides trying to convince Stupid Sheep that Treason is Legal, and why we will Kill them for Treason first, we took an Oath to, the U.S. Military does not do it, China Nukes US. done Deal, great Plan to kill them all at the End of Time, nice timing to, 2033 according to NASA, stupid Sheep wonder why I am so stressed out, like I should be, any knowing this much should be terrified, and why all the Treasonous Pigs have plans to Vaccinate its Population of Sheep to Kill them, it is a two part shot, I have all 3 of them, Swine Flu, Anthrax, and a Gas they can put into the air, so you are all dead, even if you get near anyone that had the vaccine you will get it, they can put it in medical swabs so they do not get it, and tell you they are checking to see if you have it, more like if you do not, but this Fake Government believes you are too Stupid to tell this to, so they took the Chickens way out and I draw the birthday and time, that make me the one to tell you this Message and hope you believe it, before they kill all of you, but Time is Up, Song is over, and Sheep never listen to a Word I say, 2033, now a Warning, no I have been telling you this for years, just go back and review everything I have said, for decades, 60 years now, what Fools I have meet in my lifetime, not one believes me that God is All Light without Darkness, and that is all the Torah said about God, the Angel or Lightning Ball named God is another issue, they talk about him as stories to tell Sheep not to read the Torah, it is Witchcraft, I wrote “The Principles of the Trinary Universe”, and it explains how to read and write Witchcraft, and this is just the Principles of Witchcraft the Torah is founded on, and why Witches and Wizards have been hunted down and burned to death with their own books, and mine will burn down a house, but discrediting us works just as well, but even that is illegal, it is called Slander, and that is the only thing the Courts care about, Sue and Sue and Sue and Sue Who but Ewe for Yew.


So to end this Bitch Letter, I just wanted to let you know, I will do this till they just Nuke the Fracking Planet and get it over with.

IAM the Light,
IAM the Darkness
IAM every Shade of Grey in between,
IAM the Light Wizzard that is in the Flesh, er.


P.S.  I have Only Just Begun to Bitch, they will remember this day forever, the Day Dave Hinkson became my Main Bitch in Life, all because of Treasonous Pigs, the War has Started, get in Line to get your Stupid Vaccine so you can all die from Chemical warfare my Grandfather started in Corona, before I was even born.

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  • Just Thought of Dave Hinkson from way back in the 1990s he had a “mike” on the show that was a Lawyer from LostWages NV I think. So I have to say I ‘get’ a lot of what you are writing about not that my searching study and researching can verify claims or statements of fact from your perspectives. It would be nice to talk perhaps if “Providence” allows I am doing a repost of your blog page on why David H. is in Prison but it is on Faekbuuk so we willsee if it gets a flag orpulled down with a link toyour bio page…. Hope that is OK…?

    • I will post and update it if you want to write about it, I took over the site when it went down due to PHP5.6 being old, like me, not that 60 is old, but it feels like after 20 years of having cancer and PTSD from the Gulf War, if you want to know more about my perspective, not sure which one you cannot verify, but this is my bio http://lightwizzard.com/books/trinary.universe/references.html#reference_jeffrey_scott_flesher, I view things from Aspie perspective, literally, the video version is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmo4h3niDGg&list=PLR0QoztQVGtgxjrFEOCZnd7pYE12C0I_s and tells a much better version of it, and I do have links to all the Laws proving it, and I was medically retired from Nellis Air Force Base Las Vegas goes your wages, as a Helicopter Crew Cheif in Air Rescue after coming back from overseas with the Black Knights Special Operations, and I met Dave through his Lawyer George, who was also x-military. You can read my books for free at the pdf links, the same ones you can purchase at any book store or online, I grew up knowing Joe Albertson who owned the market down the street, and went to the same Masonic Lodge as my Grandparents, so I know all about the Morman Church, I met up with him in Boise, did many CNN filmed events with him over the years, had dinner with him around XMAS in 1992, he died the next month, that year I went from (E)F-111 to Helicopters, back then I was in the Honor Guard and was one of the top Competition M-16 Marksmen in Military History by 1989 as an Airman, and got two Congressional Medals, all in the links, and you can FOIA them, they are real, everything I wrote can be FOIA’d, in fact, I never write anything I cannot prove, Dave believes in Einstein, not much else to say, he is insane, but he is also one of my best friends, but after being told by one of those people working for Dave in Idaho, that they would shoot me in the back with a Crossbow, I decided I knew enough about the type of people he was getting involved with, and wanted no part of it, I worked for his Lawyer up till the time I moved from there, as did my Wife, most do not believe what I say because it is so unlike Mainstream BS, I am a different type of person, not like most, I did not know it till 2000, years after meeting Dave, I was working for EPA then the BLM up in Reno as a Computer Programmer, I was there on 911, seen the images, no aircraft in them, a drone yes, but I proved it in my videos. Dave never knows what to talk about and what not to, that is the only reason he is in Prison, nothing more to be said, the Mormans did not want to be cut off, and Dave did not want to dish out anymore, Joe told me all about how they work, so I have no doubt as to why Dave is in Prison, he believes the U.S. Constitution was Amendeded to allow Treason, he is not very intelligent, Law is not Legal, it is enforced by the Military, that was my Job and I know my JOB very well, worked in MOC under Command & Control Center in the Bunker under it, I brought the (E)F-111 in ahead of schedule by over a year, and it was the only reason it was ready for the Gulf War, but I was forced at gunpoint to get a vaccine that killed the person in front of me and left me with a Traumatic Brain Injury, all so they can Test out their greatest chemical warfare weapon of all times, the Vaccine, it only gives you what is in it, and that is never good, and done for Population control, they tried to kill my youngest with a DPT Vaccine when I was TDY, and I lost twins, so I know all about vaccines and Military Control, we have not had a Legal Presidennt since that Treasounous Trader Lincoln was Legally Executed by his Militia for selling out to the Banks that now own US, and the Laws prove this, no President can take office legally unless Congress Prints the Money ask JFK why only Dead Presidents are Printed on it, I know all about this Fake Government, I worked for them all my life, I was the head programmer for the BLM in Reno, I know all about their Programs, Camareas everywhere, people think that the DMV owns them, they do not, never did, that was just a rumor to begin with, the Federal Government is the Federal Reserve, that is who I worked for, they are paying for my Retirement now, so I know all my facts are backed by laws and not BS, FOIA it before you doubt it, do not use the Internet, go to a Federal Building and FOIA it, that is when the BS stops, because we both know you will get back the same records I published, and that will stand up in court and why no one ever takes me there, follow the links, check the laws, watch the videos, this is all verifiable from the U.S. Government by using the Freedom of Information Act known as FOIA, that is the only source I need to prove my claims, so write what you want and I will post it and maintain it as you write it, unedited with no fireback, I am not into that, you want to burn me, use facts, I know there are none, so I have nothing to worry about, I am what I say, and what I say I can prove, and why I am allowed to say them for so long, this stuff I write about I posted back in 1999, and nothing has changed, just updated to keep up with the BS, so please do write something, anything would be great, I would be more than happy to post it, I have PTSD and OCD, not a good mix, you never know which one you will get, a Jekyll and Hyde deal if you understand Autism, I have an IQ over 180, you can FOIA the Government for my ASVAB scores, they will show 99% for mechanical and electronic, that means I have an IQ over 180, but I was tested when I was in the 3rd grade, mandatory IQ test, Adult IQ over 180, but since I was going to be labeled Autisic, my Grandmother involved a Masonic oath to keep it a secret, I did not find out till 2000, my father told me on his last death call, one of those calls where I do not feel well and I am going to the hosiple to check in, well he was an Aspie too, that is what he did and died, so I find out my whole life I was Autisic, and had no idea till the Military diagnosed me, 7 years before I was Medically Retied after breaking my back twice, so word things strange for some people to read and understand, plus I use a lot of Cannis Oil for my Cancer, had my decending Colon and Gallblader removed, and most of the meat around my spine to Cluster Cancer, from Depleited Uranium (DU) we used on Helicopters, and Flash burns from an Active Uranium Isotope, over years, and want to know the sad part, I had to push the button to get flashed, but it was part of the test, and I would be court martialed and executed if I did not do it, so I know all about the Military, I am Medically Retired and so is my wife.

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